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Guru George His Blogge

Mysticism, Magick, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

P. George Stewart
29 April
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I'm a musician (producer/songwriter) born in Gdansk, Poland, adopted and taken to Scotland when 2, but didn't find out about this till a few years ago. Who I thought was my father was actually my uncle, who I thought was my mother was actually my adoptive mother; my birth father I do not know, my birth mother I thought of as a distant aunt until I found out about all this. She died before I found out about it.

My adoptive parents weren't bad people, but I didn't get on terribly well with them - he found me incomprehensible and irritating, I found him dull and embarrassing; and while she loved me, and I her in my own way, I also found her to be by turns scary and cloying. I was raised by them as a good Scottish Catholic boy in the fair town of Kirkcaldy, Fife, birthplace of Adam Smith, the great economist and philosopher.

I was a lonely, queer child, very much in my own world: the public library was where I felt most at home - that, and wandering the streets of Kirkcaldy thinking. Probably because I sensed my adoptive parents were keeping something secret from me, I used to occasionally sit and wonder "Who am I?" intently, and had some very strong mystical experiences on a few occasions, which steered me towards an interest in mysticism, religion, philosophy, etc. These mystical experiences were the defining events in my life, as has become more and more evident as I've gotten older.

I also developed many of my other interests from a young age too, including politics (I thought of myself as left-wing till I was 30-odd, now I consider myself a classical liberal of the anarchist tendency.)

I didn't get on well with with most kids at school, only with a few other clever loners. I was bullied, but I learnt Karate and stopped the bullying by the time I was halfway through high school. I lost interest in martial arts somewhere between high school and music college, but a couple of years ago I took up the study of Chen style Taijiquan - although I'm under no illusion that, at my age, this can be any more than a hobby.

At music college, a few friends and myself started a band, which eventually mutated into a pop group called Kissing the Pink (KTP) when we moved down to London roundabout 1982, and we had some moderate success for a year or two. We kept drifting apart and together since then, but I've been working with two of the original guys from the band for a good few years now, writing, producing, etc, in various styles, mainly pop, various dance genres and soft jazz. (I am the "boffin" of our team - I build and upgrade our computers, as well as have a good working knowledge of the software we use.)

In 1996 I married Sarah, a fantastic, spirited, kind, patient, generous woman who I love dearly.
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