P. George Stewart (gurugeorge) wrote,
P. George Stewart

Ken McLeod

No not the great s-f author, a Buddhist.  Solid lineage credentials (Kalu Rinpoche).  Does wonderful translations, and explains the Tibetan systems in a down-to-earth fashion that "brings it home" to the reader.

I'm definitely a Loser, so it seems my Yidam practice should be Awake Loser :)

I've also been reading some Co-Emergent Mahamudra stuff.  There's a lineage going back to Saraha and Maitripa which has some very clear pith instructions.

Reading this stuff makes me realise that there's a lot of fun to be had in just doing some of this meditation stuff, so long as you know what you're doing.  I think I'd need to start off with simple images - might be worth a try.
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