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A bit of Dzogchen - Guru George His Blogge
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A bit of Dzogchen
Some Dzogchen (and similar) musings.

Dudjom Rinpoche

'So, to be brief, because the nature of mind, the Great Perfection, rigpa, cannot be established as any specific thing, state, or action, it has the original face of emptiness which makes it pure from the beginning, all pervasive and all-penetrating. Because the unobstructed lustre of Emptiness and the entire gamut of experience whether confused or transcendant are like the sun and its rays, Emptiness is experienced positively as everything and anything whatsoever and it has the intrinsic nature of non-dual awareness of the spontaneously arisen universe of pure quality. For this reason the recognition of the presence of what is, as the primordial natural state of being, the Real Self of the Three Buddha Bodies, intrinsic awareness as the union of light and emptiness, is called the vision of the inconceivable Great Perfection.'

(From here.)

As Stephen Jourdain has it.

Meditation = metis, the common sense (Kingsley)  Recognition of what's happening as happening, as present.  Cataloguing by the mind happens, but is not necessary, is not an intrinsic aspect of one's being, as one thought it was.  What's necessary and intrinsic is the sheer fact of experience-ing.  That is the essence of one's being, that sheer, ongoing factitude.  It's going on all the time, always has been (even at the time you became conscious of it happening, but by inference even before then).  And tomorrow it will still be "here", that ongoing ebb and flow of phenomena, arising, disappearing, arising, disappearing.  Yet THAT remains, adamantine-hard, indestructible presence of awareness.  Thou art THAT (and you both are, and are not, also, all that it includes).

This is something divine, surely?  How much more basic can you get, what more solid ground could you find?

But in being divine, it's not personal, and that's the scary part.  This mind is the ancient mind; it's you, but you in a deeper way than you've ever felt before, but in reaching that bedrock level, the sense of attachment floating around stops being attached to the personal phenomena appearing and disappearing in That One Present.  But the "I" thoughts start rushing, whirling.  The mind thinks it's going down the plughole.

Remain on that which is vividly aware of the mental sub-vocal and energetic (in this case negatively-charged) phenomenon "it's going down the plughole".  That fear was cognized, that thought brought to light.  So there's still that deeper you ever-present that you already are, and don't need to do anything to become.
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