P. George Stewart (gurugeorge) wrote,
P. George Stewart

Closing the diary bit

This blog was initially meant to be a public record of private mystical experiments.  Not that I've fulfilled the point of this blog at all, but anyway this morning I woke up with a strong presentiment that I need to strart a private diary.  A public record is all well and good, if it's edited highlights from a private record, but I think psychologically the record has to be private in the first instance, otherwise it's too inhibiting (in one sense) and too extrovert (at the same time).  I thought these problems could be easily overcome, but as I woke up this morening I realized I've lost some time.  Quite a lot of time, actually.

At some point I will be migrating this onto Blogger or something, and try and be more active in putting forth some ideas and the like, but it's no longer going to be essentially meant as a public record of what are essentially private matters (between me and God, so to speak).

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