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More on the HSM - Guru George His Blogge
Mysticism, Magick, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
More on the HSM
Why do we feel this constant pressure to correctly call what is "what is".  I mean it's a great ability and all - but it's also interesting to experience what's it like to _not know_, perhaps not even care? :)

Well, of course, survival - we seem to have a hyperactive "survival mechanism".  As a species we are driven to survive in a way few other species can, and this leads us to build up a fairly accurate picture of how the world is, that's more comprehensive than most other species'.  But we're kind of on autopilot with this mechanism.  We've reached a stage where life is easier for most of us than it has ever been before, historically and in absolute terms, yet we continue to build these mental and physical bulwarks and safety nets.

Yet it's ok not to know, it's ok to be at a loss - about something.  Because that not-knowing is occuring in a broader context of knowing (the generational coral of truth, foursquare knowledge).

One of the most interesting things I've seen of Richard Feynman is in an interview where he says "hey, it's ok NOT TO KNOW STUFF", or something to that effect.  This was in the context of a discussion of religious belief. 
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