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Quote from Tim on a CTMU discussion - Guru George His Blogge
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Quote from Tim on a CTMU discussion
I've been having a pleasant metaphysical rambling discussion with someone called Tim on the comments section devolving from the CTMU critique I cited in the last post.  I rather like this passage:-

In a plural, to degree N, society of "I am", there are N creative beings. Each one inviolate. And each one with his own proprietary "Universe". Then, each I am is real amongst this real society, but there simply is no external "objective" society. Know "I am" can fully know another "I am"; that's the hard part. The god of the materialists, "the universe", turns out to be a lie. (And why were they not more skeptical of IT?!) Each "I am's" own "universe" is a derivative representation of his WHOLE noumenal mind - within the plural society of spiritually communing / potent MINDS.

Tim, if you drop by, can we have more along these lines (expand it a bit, a bit more detail)?  I particularly like the pluralistic aspect.
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